Inter-religious elope; a Muslim killed

On Tuesday, Ghulam Mohammad was in the mango orchard he had looked after for most of his life when “seven or eight men” carrying lathis arrived, forced him on to a motorcycle and took him to a field nearby. They left him there, bleeding from the head and with deep wounds on his chest and several broken ribs. In complaint to police, Mohammad’s son Vakil Ahmad alleged that his father was beaten to death by members of the Hindu Yuva Vahini (HYV), founded by Yogi Adityanath, now the UP Chief Minister. He claimed that his uncle, Islam Khan, saw Mohammad being forced on to a bike by “seven or eight men wearing saffron gamchhas (towels) around their heads”.

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Other :Field
Number of victims 1 Identity of victim Muslims
Location of incident Other perpetrator Religion Hindu
perpetrator Organizational Right Wing Hindutva Was cross FIR filed 0 :The FIR filed by Vakil states that HYV members were “threatening villagers with dire consequences if the girl was not found”. sec302 against 1 named and 6 unnamed.
Details of the FIR

Investigating agency State Police Victim's lawyer
Role of police Unsatisfactory Current status Chargesheet filed
Charges Filed Other details chargesheet filed. 9 arrested. Village putting pressure on family to cut a deal
judgement Reference other information
Civil society reports

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Main Information
Date of incident: May 02, 2017
Nature of Violence
  • Murder/Lynch
  • Causal factors
  • Inter-community marriage / elopement
  • Name of the victim : Ghulam Mohammed
    Name of Perpetrator Pulkit Sharma, Lalit Sharma and Hani Raghav
    State Uttar Pradesh
    District/City Bulandshahr
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