Dairy owner house set on fire

A Muslim dairy owner was critically wounded and his house set on fire by a mob in a Jharkhand village after a headless carcass of a cow was found near his home, police said. Thirty police personnel were injured as a frenzied crowd of around 1,000, including some self-appointed cow protectors, laid siege to 55-year-old Usman Ansari’s house in Giridih district’s Bariabad on Tuesday afternoon. “Police had to resort to lathi-charge and air firing to quell the mob so that the victim and his family could be saved,” Giridih superintendent of police Akhilesh B Variar said on Wednesday, adding around 25 people were detained.

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Private Residence
Number of victims 1 Identity of victim Muslims
Location of incident Private Residence perpetrator Religion Hindu
perpetrator Organizational Right Wing Hindutva Was cross FIR filed 0
Details of the FIR

Investigating agency Victim's lawyer
Role of police Satisfactory Current status Not known
Charges Filed Other details
judgement Reference other information
Civil society reports

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Main Information
Date of incident: July 16, 2017
Nature of Violence
  • Demolition/Attack on property
  • Vandalism/Hooliganism
  • Causal factors
  • Cow Related Violence
  • No. of People Injured 1
    Name of the victim : Usman Ansari
    Name of Perpetrator
    State Jharkhand
    District/City Giridih
    Party In Power / Incidents BJP - Bharatiya Janata Party
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