Vigilante Attacks Muslim Shopkeeper In Jabalpur

BHOPAL, Madhya Pradesh — On 16 May, a 33-year-old Muslim shopkeeper who lives and works in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur district, was stripped naked and dragged by his beard from his mobile phone repair shop by Hindu vigilantes who claimed to have found him in a compromising position with a Hindu woman. Shaikh Mohammad, a resident of New Anand Nagar in Jabalpur, runs a mobile recharge and repair shop in the city’s communally sensitive Amkhera road which falls under the Gohalpur Police station. A few minutes later, Hindu men wearing saffron scarfs barged into the shop. These men, members of Hindu right-wing groups, including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), claimed that they had caught Shaikh Mohammad in a compromising position with the Hindu woman who had come to his shop. According to RK Gautam, Town Inspector of Gohalpur Police station of Jabalpur, they proceeded to assault Mohammad Shaikh. The hate crime came to light when videos of the incident went viral on social media platforms. In the video, six men can be seen holding Mohammad by his beard and dragging him out of his shop while he is naked. The Hindu vigilantes can be seen making him stand outside his shop and thrashing him with slippers. Mohammad was rescued by the policemen from the Gohalpur Police Station, who reached a few minutes later. In a different video, the woman, who had gone to Mohammad’s shop, denied the allegation made by the Hindu vigilantes, and urged the police to not register any case against Mohammad, stating that she had visited the shop to recharge her cell phone and that he did not misbehave with her. The Jabalpur Police also said there was no truth to the claim made by the Hindu vigilantes. “We haven’t found any evidence which proves that they were in a compromising position during the investigation,” said Gautam, the Town Inspector. “The woman has said there was no misbehaviour by Shaikh Mohammad and there is no need for any case against him.” During the police investigation, Mohammad refused to make any complaint against the right-wing groups, Gautam said. While Mohammed refused to speak in detail about the incident, a close friend of his told India Ahead that he is terrified of complaining against the Hindu vigilantes who dragged him from his shop and assaulted him on 16 May. The friend said that Khan was afraid that the Hindu vigilantes would force him to vacate his shop if he took action against them. The friend said that Mohammed had to go to the store amid the lockdown because there were some unrepaired mobile phones that his customers were insisting that he return. Since the shutter of the shop was half open, the woman entered and asked him to recharge her phone. Mohammed, the friend said, initially refused, but then agreed when the woman said that it was an emergency. The group of men, the friend said, entered and attacked Shaikh after closing the shutter. They stripped him naked, assaulted him, and made a video that made it look like he was naked inside the shop with the woman, the friend said. Speaking with India Ahead, a family member of Mohammed, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that his shop is located in a communally sensitive area and that the men from Hindu right wing organisations constantly demand that he re-charge their phones for free, and they get into squabbles. “He is a religious man who never skips prayers,” said the family member. “They took revenge on Sunday. It’s planned.”

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Market
Number of victims 1 Identity of victim Muslims
Location of incident Market Was cross FIR filed Yes
perpetrator Organizational Right Wing Hindutva Details of the FIR

However, the Jabalpur Police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against Shaikh for violating the curfew, booking him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Disaster Management Act (DMA)

Investigating agency Victim's lawyer
Role of police Charges filed against the vicitm Current status FIR not filed
Charges Filed Other details
judgement Reference other information
Civil society reports

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Main Information
Date of incident: May 16, 2021
Nature of Violence
  • Harassment
  • Threat
  • Vandalism/Hooliganism
  • Causal factors
  • Religious identity
  • No. of People Injured 1
    Name of the victim : Shaikh Mohammad
    Name of Perpetrator Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Members
    State Madhya Pradesh
    District/City Jabalpur
    Party In Power / Incidents BJP - Bharatiya Janata Party
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