Muslims ostracized due to Covid 19

The 75-year-old elder Nafisa Khatoon says, "There was a rumor about me that I died due to COVID-19 and my grave was also dug up. Similarly, the same is being said about other Muslims in village. We have to tell people that we are alive." Incidents of boycott of Muslims are increasing in ration shops, banks and other government offices in Bhagwanpur block of Begusarai. Navisa said, "On seeing us going to the bank, people are taunting, you are a Muslim. You have brought with you Corona. Go from here." Mehboob Alam, a resident of Barauni, says, "Some of his relatives do the work of washing railway sheets, curtains, blankets, etc. But they are now forbidden to come to work, whereas those of the Hindu community who work were, still working". In a complaint filed, Mr Alam of Bhagwanpur village writes, "Brick and stones are thrown at the homes of people of my Muslim community after 6'o clock in the evening. Begusarai SP Avtar Kumar said "At such a time, Muslim brothers have to trust the police. Wherever there are excesses, tell the police. Let us know about the rumors. I assure you that the police will take action against everyone".

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Village
Number of victims 3 Identity of victim Muslims
Location of incident Village Was cross FIR filed No
perpetrator Organizational Other Details of the FIR

Investigating agency State Police Victim's lawyer
Role of police Need confirmation Current status
Charges Filed Other details
judgement Reference other information
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Main Information
Date of incident: April 21, 2020
Nature of Violence
  • Harassment
  • Physical assault
  • Social boycott
  • Threat
  • Vandalism/Hooliganism
  • Causal factors
  • Religious identity
  • Name of the victim : Nafisa Khatoon, Mehboob Alam, Navisa
    Name of Perpetrator Undisclosed
    State Bihar
    District/City Begusarai
    Party In Power / Incidents JDS - Janata Dal (Secular)
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