Communal tension in Kanpur after Taziya procession

Communal tension gripped Kanpur as more than half-a-dozen vehicles were set ablaze and a dozen people injured after two groups from different religious groups clashed during Muharram procession in Parampurwa area. In the words of local sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the clash erupted when a group of people from the Muslim community attempted to take out Tazia procession through a Hindu-dominated area without requesting for prior permission from authorities. "Trouble started when men, who were part of Muharram procession forcibly tried to take out Tazias through Hindu-dominated pocket triggering a clash between two groups of people," said eyewitnesses further. Inspector General of Police Alok Singh also highlighted that the incident took place when the procession deviated from its fixed route, leading to a violent clash between two communities

Other Informations
Source of information News Report Place of incident Market
Number of victims 6 Identity of victim Muslims
Number of victims 6 Identity of victim Hindu
Location of incident Market Was cross FIR filed 0
perpetrator Organizational Unknown Details of the FIR

Investigating agency Victim's lawyer
Role of police Need confirmation Current status
Charges Filed Other details
judgement Reference other information
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Main Information
Date of incident: May 01, 2020
Nature of Violence
  • Breaking vehicles
  • Communal tension/Violence/Riot
  • Causal factors
  • Celebration of Festivals
  • No. of People Injured 12
    Name of the victim : Unknown
    Name of Perpetrator
    State Uttar Pradesh
    District/City Kanpur
    Party In Power / Incidents BJP - Bharatiya Janata Party
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